Bathroom Product Selection

Your Bathroom Renovation Shopping Guide – Product Selection

Attached is a list of bathroom products which for the most part will be required to renovate your bathroom.
It is both a guide and a planning tool for use before you start your bathroom renovation.

It is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good starting point. Use it when you do your research because one thing is for sure, bathroom renovators are not spoilt for choice. And there are so many products required.

Tiles, tapware, towel rails, vanity suites to name a few.

Alternatively, compile your own list. Simply stand in your bathroom and note the existing fittings and fixtures. You can then work out what will be kept and what will be replaced. However,from experience most if not all items are thrown out to be replaced with new products.

Also, read renovation magazines, check out websites, take snap shots, and browse renovation show rooms.

Well-equipped bathroom showrooms are a good meeting place for that inspirational tour for what is on offer. The most popular brands are usually on display along with the price tag. Note the name and model number of the products you like. Take photos as they are a great reminder.

And all the while be on the lookout for sales and discontinued items, because you can get some real bargains.

Once compiled, your portfolio should give you a feel for the various products available, and prices for budgeting purposes.

Then, when you do meet with your Architect, bathroom designer or builder, the products can be incorporated into your new design – already for when you do go shopping.

Importantly, when you do go shopping, arrange to meet your Architect, Designer or builder at the showroom. They know the jargon and can answer some of the more curly questions asked by the sales rep.

If they can’t attend, they should at least be contactable to answer any queries that may arise.

And of course, take you bathroom plan with you.

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