The Construction Programme , aka the road map.

The construction programme is akin to the road map used when one starts a journey.
Its importance is in the project planning. It puts into context the when, the what and the how.

By that I mean:
a) who will be participating in your project, ie the trades people;
b) when they are due to be on site and for how long; and finally,
c) how long will it take to complete the project.

All very important questions in the overall scheme of things.

The attached typical programme was generated using an XL spread sheet with notes to one side to act as a reminder of events to come.

Programmes can however be far more complex.

But for the purpose of keeping you, the client, informed on progress, and the trades updated as to when they need to be on site, this format is a simple and effective tool. You wouldn’t go holidays without a road map nor should you start a renovation without one.

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